Single-Family Projects

With extensive experience in residential systems we will design and install a system that meets the elevated expectations of our Bay Area clients. We understand that home is where we each spend most of our time. As such, a safe, reliable life-safety system along with an aesthetically pleasing finished look is of extreme importance to us. We work extensively with architectural teams, interior designers and engineers to allow for the best possible look in any finished surface. Our standard head is considered the best head on the market. It sits flush to the ceiling and is the most inconspicuous option available in the industry. Use of these flush heads allows us to ensure that our sprinklers blend in with the architectural features of your custom home. Your home is where you sleep, where your family sleeps; Fire Sprinklers never sleep. Whether you are sleeping, in the basement, out to dinner, or out of the country, you can rest assured that reliable fire protection is watching over the people and possessions that you treasure most.